Welcome to my download section! I'm sure that I'll have some more stuff up one of these days!
CP Transmit (beta)
Size: 9MB Date: Some time about a month ago
Even though the name has beta in it, I don't think I'll be working on it again. Some play tests revealed that this map is way too open, and to fix that would require more work and time. I spent way too long on this map to begin with. It was my first TF2 map, other than the game play problems, I am proud of it.
Zombie Onslaught
Size: <1MB Date: who knows
This map is all about holding the fort against an onslaught of zombies. You and your friends can play together to try and keep those zombies at bay. If you were to barricade the entrances, don't die! There is a spawn point out side! I was pleased with the out come of this map, the textures do need work, but I think the lighting is more than decent. Works best with Garry's Mod!
Size: 2.3MB Date: who knows
This was on of the first maps I've released. Its a very basic map, nothing all that special technically speaking. This map is a zombie map, meaning zombies will continue to spawn, and it is up to you (and your friends) to kill them all. Works best with Garry's Mod.
Aksumka 2008