All the things I've done or am doing now are on this page. This is probably the most important and content full page on my site!
Newgrounds Archive
The Newgrounds Archive is a site I set up and built for the community. The site features most of the old designs that Newgrounds had over the years, as well as many images that a surprising amount of users miss. Along with all old files, the BBS has been designed to resemble the old BBS of Newgrounds.
Tutorial Explosion is where most of my attention is being spent right now. At this time I am very happy to say that the site is not only almost completly done, but also almost ready to be launched! It would be a good idea to keep an eye on this site for the next few weeks (posted 6/3/09)!
Team Fortress 2 Community
So one night I decide to turn an old Linux box into a Team Fortress 2 server. Then I decided a day or two later that it might be fun to try and build a community of players! A few days later I have a site set up and a nice layout in the works.
Blog Software
AKB (Aksumka's Blog)
Thanks to the knowledge gained from programming most of the back end for TX I decided that I might as well try my hand at making some Blog software. WP (WordPress), while nice and packed with features, just isn't for me. I want something that I can easily make and edit the back end. I'm not spending too much time with it at this point, but once I finish these other projects I'm sure I'll get it going strong!
My school offered a class on computer animation. Taking that class was one of the best decisions I've made! Here are a few of my better works from the class.

Below are a few links to me all over the internet!
I occasionally throw some of my 'art' up on my page. I say 'art' because compared to a lot of the art that gets submitted, mine is not even close to as good. But, I will get better one day!
Seeing as how I clearly like Newgrounds what with the Archive and everything, it would only make sense that I throw a link to my userpage up here! I've been going to NG for almost 5 years now, I think NG inspired me to become a web designer/ developer (haha, one day maybe!).
Steam ID
Much of my free time I spend gaming. TF2 is by far my most played game now. I love what Valve did with the Steam Community, how easy it is to find players, make friends and groups. If you are on Steam, feel free to add me to your friends list!
Like most active internet users, I am a member of I'm not a top users or anything, but I'm there and I did attend the live taping of Diggnation in NY!
On my gampad over here at GT, I usually post something about a map that I may be working on. I'm not that active here, but I am there!
Aksumka 2008